Song Gao was selected as the Winner for 2017 Young Researcher Award in GIScience


Winners of 2017 'Young Researcher Award' in GIScience was just announced!

The Austrian Academy of Sciences' Commission for GIScience annually selects the winner of a 'Young Researcher' competition, based on an outstanding publication submitted by applicants. This year's review-and-selection process turned into a tight race, with two entries tied for first place.

Congrats to Song Gao for being selected as one of the two winners this year, for his paper on "Spatio-Temporal Analytics for Exploring Human Mobility Patterns and Urban Dynamics in the Mobile Age" published in Spatial Cognition & Computation, 15:86–114, 2015. DOI:10.1080/13875868.2014.984300.

The ÖAW Young Researcher Award in Geographic Information Science is presented each year to up to three junior scientists in the wider fields of Geoinformatics and Geographic Information Science for already having made a significant contribution to this discipline. The intent of this award is to publicly recognize researchers early in their careers for notable innovation and as an encouragement towards further achievements.

This Award will be presented to individuals, typically under the age of 35, acknowledging publications enhancing the body of Geoinformatics or GIScience literature. An individual aged up to 40 will be eligible for this award if specific career pathways still warrant a consideration as ‘young researcher’.