Task-oriented information value measurement based on space-time prisms


Our recent work on measuring the value of information has been accepted by the International Journal of Geographical Information Science. The proposed framework provides a potential solution for prioritized information display on small-screen devices, such as smartwatches.

The paper can be accessed at: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/figure/10.1080/13658816.2015.1124434

Abstract: Recent years have witnessed a large increase in the amount of information available from the Web and many other sources. Such an information deluge presents a challenge for individuals who have to identify useful information items to complete particular tasks in hand. Information value theory (IVT) from economics and artificial intelligence has provided some guidance on this issue. However, existing IVT studies often focus on monetary values, while ignoring the spatiotemporal properties which can play important roles in everyday tasks. In this paper, we propose a theoretical framework for task-oriented information value measurement. This framework integrates IVT with the space-time prism from time geography and measures the value of information based on its impact on an individual’s space-time prisms and its capability of improving task planning. We develop and formalize this framework by extending the utility function from space-time accessibility studies and elaborate it using a simplified example from time geography. We conduct a simulation on a real-world transportation network using the proposed framework. Our research could be applied to improving information display on small-screen mobile devices (e.g., smartwatches) by assigning priorities to different information items.

Selected figures:

     A workflow for measuring information value

     Updating the space-time prism with traffic congestion information.

     Updating the space-time prism with location change information.

     A simulation using a real-world transportation network (without information).

     A simulation using a real-world transportation network (with information).

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