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Public Voting for CitationMap on the AAG Mashup Competition

Our Citation Map team recently participated the Robert Raskin Mashup Competition in the Annual Conference of American Geographers. Our work has been selected as top 5, and is now in the public voting stage.

The voting page is below:
Our work is the #5, Citation Map.

We appreciate that if you could support us!

Citation Map: Visualizing the Spread of Scientific Ideas Through Space and Time

Team members: Yingjie Hu, Grant McKenzie, and Song Gao
We designed a Citation Map for the Robert Raskin Mashup Mapping competition. This web mapping application is a novel approach to visualize research topics, authors, publications, as well as their citation relations on a world map. By displaying the geographic distribution of research paper citations, this dynamic web map shows how a scientific idea spreads through space and time (i.e. How a scientific publication is accepted and cited by researchers in different countries over the years). This Citation Map also shows the researchers who has cited a particular paper most frequently, and where are these researchers.